This Book is Overdue!: How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All

A Five Star Pick

Can librarians andThis Book is Overdue “cybrarians” save us all?  I think Johnson’s book proves what this profession does for the general public—in different parts of the world and even in the virtual world (just take this blog as an example!).  With easy and humorous writing, Johnson’s book shines the spotlight on how librarians and information specialists try every day to help people find the answers they are looking for and many times, forming a connection with these information seekers. It also reminds everyone that libraries have thrived for thousands of years, and will remain thriving—as long as they adapt to the technological advances in society.  The needs of students, researchers, and book lovers will never change.  It is just the means of catering to those needs that seem to transform every once in a while.  For the most part, librarians are passionate about what they do and more and more, this includes being on top of the new trends that find their way into the library building or on a library website.  After reading this book (which had very interesting tidbits about librarians and their library environments), I had to admit how this is an exciting age for everyone—and all the more so, for information gurus.  My opinion could be biased, however, since I am a librarian myself!  If you ask me, Johnson’s work has been way overdue.  Finally, there is a book that praises the efforts of that not-so-stereotypical “lady” librarian who is always equipped with glasses, hair tied up in a bun and a shushing finger.  There ARE male librarians out there too, you know.  If you love libraries or have a special place in your heart for a favorite librarian, you will appreciate this book and the message it conveys.

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