The Mistress of Nothing

A Five Star Pick

The Mistress of NothingMaybe I am just a sucker for dramatic historical novels but this one pulled me in from the start.  There is a description of exotic places, a female friendship that turns sour and a blooming romance (which happens to be the cause for the rift between the two ladies).  Granted, one of the women happens to be part of a higher station in life, while the other is actually her servant.  Sally helps Lady Duff Gordon with everything in the household and when Gordon needs to travel to a warmer climate due to her health, she asks Sally to accompany her as a maid but also as a companion.  Since Sally is loyal to Gordon and does not picture herself getting married, she agrees to travel down to Egypt with her.  When they arrive, both feel enlightened and become more tightly knit with one another—until Omar (their tour guide) gets involved with Sally and her undivided attention to Gordon wavers.  Sally must try to cope with being disowned by her mistress and feeling included in Omar’s family, as his potential second wife.  It is really interesting to see what happens between this triangle of characters and it is a fairly quick read.

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