The Book of Awesome

A Five Star Pick

The Book of AwesomeWhen I finished reading this book by Neil Pasricha, I declared that it must be awesome because it made me laugh like a fool and cry like a baby!  Just simple everyday things that we normally take for granted are put in the spotlight for us to consider.  Take for example when you think back to something funny that happened years ago, and you suddenly burst out laughing while everyone else doesn’t get in on your joke (that is known as a laugh echo).  Or when you drop food on your shirt but you somehow manage to avoid any kind of stains.  How about when you trip in public, but NO ONE notices?  For those who are drivers and can never remember what side your gas door is on, read his awesome tip.  I had to check my car to see if he was for real.  I was completely amazed!  This book has something in it for everyone and many times I found myself surprised that there were some things mentioned that clicked with me so well, I didn’t think others would even think about them.  The best thing is that the author lists them in short paragraphs or even just a few sentences, which makes the book a very fast and amusing read.  The book got me thinking about other awesome things that weren’t brought up but still made me ponder and smile about them.  I guess when you read this book it makes you realize that we are all the same in some respects and that even if you are having an average or terrible day—there might be something small that happened to you in that day that was possibly awesome, but you totally overlooked it.  Slow down and notice those tiny blessings … it is so worth the high you feel.  Pick up this book and you will not be disappointed.  You can follow more awesome things by going to his website:

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