Remember When & Natural Born Charmer

Book Pairing

Remember When   Natural Born Charmer

In the mood for a quirky, contemporary romance?  Both books will grab your interest because there are some pretty unique characters in each, as well as out of the ordinary plot lines.  They also involve men who get paid quite well and unexpectedly, fall in love with women who play hard to get.  In the first novel, Diana is the owner of a woman’s magazine and feels that business can be boosted if she marries a millionaire.  The second story has Blue stranded on the side of the road in a Beaver costume and in desperate need of a job.  She gets a lift and further help from a football player, who is also down on his luck when he meets her.  Basically, the two books each have the male characters act as the hero who saves the women in their certain situations but it seems that the female characters are the ones who have the men wrapped around their fingers—even though finding love was the last thing on their minds.  The settings are similar as well, since the first novel takes place in Texas, while the other is set in Tennessee.  All you have to do is look at the covers and you will know that ultimately, the endings are happy and care-free.  That’s what classic romance fiction will do to you!


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