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Book vs. Movie

The Book Thief (book)   The Book Thief (movie)

I could not wait to see this movie after listening to the book on audio.  First off, if you want to experience the story fully, I think listening to it is the best way to go.  The narrator does a phenomenal job in giving the tale “character”—he is Death, after all.  I wondered how much of a role the narrator would play in the film but when you see something on the big screen, not much narrating needs to be done.  Scenes play out in front of your eyes and only certain things need to be narrated.   Death is narrated by another person in the movie version but it is still well done.  When watching the DVD, it is clear that some parts have been changed, cut shorter or are placed in a different chronology from the book but on the whole, the film does a wonderful job bringing the tale to life.  There are also some deleted scenes which happen in the original story but were not included in the finished production.  Once again, I need to mention that in this case, the novel has more information and goes into more depth with things but I was really satisfied with how the movie portrayed everything and the actors played their roles very well.  Sophie Nélisse, who plays Liesel’s part, is actually a fellow Montrealer—so kudos to her for a fantastic job!  I fell in love with all the characters from the DVD as much as I got attached to them when listening to the story.  I’ll even confess that I felt more attached to Rosa Hubermann in the screen rendition than I did in the novel.  As for crying, I shed as much tears (if not more) when watching the movie, as I did when I “read” the book.  All I have to say is that if you are a fan of The Book Thief, Hollywood did Zusak’s work justice.  What do you think?

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