The Fault in Our Stars

Book vs. Movie

The Fault in Our Stars (book)     The Fault in Our Stars (movie)

Tears, tears and more tears.  If you want a good cry, just open the book or go see the movie.  The film emulated the novel almost to a “T”.  Basically everything was shown in the big screen version except for a few differences, which were really minimal.  I can only think of three or four.  First off, when Hazel and Gus are just about to go to Amsterdam, the day they leave is portrayed in another manner.  Instead of Hazel’s family going to pick up Gus (where an argument is faintly overheard with him and his parents) as written in the story, the movie has him showing up in a limo to pick up Hazel and her mom at their door.  Another difference is how Hazel finds out about Gus’ plan to get the author to write her eulogy.  In the book, Hazel discovers it in an email, whereas in the film, the author hands her a letter.  Also, her friend Kaitlin (who appears on the sidelines in certain instances in the novel), is a no-show on the big screen.  In fact, Hazel seems to have no other apparent friends in the movie at all, until she meets Gus and Isaac.  Finally, I am not sure that in the book, Hazel and Gus use the word “okay” as their “always”—like it is incorporated into the movie—but feel free to correct me!  There was only one line or scene that I absolutely wanted to hear or see in the film and that was when Isaac gives his “pre-eulogy” to Gus.  Adding that part was enough for me.  The actors did such a wonderful job convincing me that they were bringing these charming characters to life.  Did you notice any other changes between the two?  If yes, give me a shout.  I loved both so much, I’m thinking of owning them.  This is another story that is hugely popular among teens and adults alike.

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