Still Alice

A Five Star Pick

Still AliceAlthough this novel focuses on the struggle of a University professor who suffers with Early Onset Alzheimer’s, it is written so well that you truly appreciate the story.  Many people will remark that it is too tragic or sad because they don’t want to live the experience that the protagonist goes through.  I will say that it does give huge insight to what Alzheimer’s victims may be feeling.  It also captures the essence of what other family members (spouses, children, etc.) face when they are living with a loved one who has been diagnosed.  Yes, it is a depressing topic but Genova has the skill to make it light and also funny.  She inserts moments of humor that allow you to realize how humans must cope with whatever is thrown their way and make the best of what there is.  The book even ends on a positive note, if you can believe it.  This was Genova’s debut novel (self-published at first), which became very popular and loved.  It was on a waiting list for months.  She said she was able to write it with such accuracy because she actually interviewed and spent time with people who were affected by Alzheimer’s.  If anything, it kind of gives one an understanding for how this disease works and some sense of peace.  Don’t be afraid to read it, if you haven’t yet—it really is worth it.  Since then, she has published two other titles, which have also become bestsellers: Left Neglected and Love Anthony.  She is currently writing her fourth novel about Huntington’s Disease, so stay tuned!


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