The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time & 6 Seconds of Life

Book Pairing

Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime     6 Seconds of Life

You wouldn’t think these two books have anything in common but surprisingly, there are a few threads.  Main differences between them are the tone of the writing and sex of the protagonists.  Things that link them together: both characters are relatively the same age, have social problems and find it hard to have a normal relationship with their parents.  The novels are even written in first person, like a diary.  In the first story, Christopher is an autistic fifteen-year-old, who tries to solve a mystery but also keeps his distance from others because of his condition.  His mother is gone and he is not very close to his father.  While he tries to solve the case of a murdered poodle, he discovers more about himself too.  The second book introduces Maura, graduating from high school but who was never part of the popular crowd, so she sticks to herself—until one day, a boy shows interest in her and tries to change her outlook on life.  Meanwhile, her parents are going through a divorce and she is suffering from depression.  When her boyfriend breaks up with her and the situation with her parents seems to worsen, she decides she will commit suicide.  As she jumps, she reflects on her life and what she might have done to make it better.  Whether she survives is for you to find out.  So although these two titles go in totally different directions with regards to plot, they do share interesting bits and pieces.


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