Ghost World

Book vs. Movie

Ghost World (book)    Ghost World (movie)

Geez! I never thought a movie could be THAT different from the book!  What’s more, it was a weird story, no matter if you read it or saw it.  Yes, I laughed quite a bit for both but they were still quite strange and ended the same way—with no real closure.  This is one of those moments where I enjoyed the movie better than the book and it made a little more sense.  Characters’ names in the movie are different in some cases and the plot is turned on its head in the film.  It is almost as if on screen, Enid and Rebecca have a different “episode” in their life from the graphic novel.  For instance, their friend Josh is present in both but he plays a major role in the story (even figures as a love interest between the girls) but less so in the movie.  The whole Seymour idea is never even visited in the book, neither is the fact that Enid takes an art class in the Summer.  Plus, in the film, Enid is the one who wants to move in with Rebecca—not the other way around (as in the novel).  I don’t get the title “Ghost World” but I certainly appreciate the characters in both renditions and what they go through.  I just wished they both did not end with Enid getting on a bus to no-where land.  I must say that this graphic novel was different from others that I have read before.  It is more vulgar than the film.  What did you think?  Were you disappointed in the movie or vice versa?

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3 Responses to Ghost World

  1. I like you’re review comparison. I need to see the movie again to remember some of it, but I enjoyed both. The comic book is very good, I thought. The movie may seem to have more narrative because it’s all the same actors and each scene follows from the next. In the book, it seemed to me Clowes separated stories as if they were mini stories (as in separate comic books) to some extent, which may have resulted in less continuity in the storyline in comparison to the movie.

    Another movie based on a comic by this author that I liked is Art School Confidential, although I haven’t had a chance to read the comic yet actually. It is very funny, although it has a bizarre/dark twist that comes in near the end of the movie, that many reviewers felt could have been left out.

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