Crime of Privilege

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Crime of PrivilegeLife for the rich and famous may be very beneficial: you can be wherever you want, when you want.  Bonuses are owning nice cars and (several) big houses.  Bet you didn’t think that another perk was being able to get away with a crime?  In Walker’s novel, it is clear that two women have been taken advantage of and even murdered but the suspects come from high society, who are able to pardon themselves based on this fact.  Mixed in this whole mess is a law student, George Becket, who realizes that he was actually a witness to one of the crimes but didn’t speak up at the time.  What do you do when you are young, drunk and think that forced sex acts are all in the name of fun?  That is the life of a student, right?  No harm was meant.  Well,  it is up to George (after the case closes) to revisit what he could have done to redeem himself and try to bring the culprits to justice.  It will be harder for him to admit to his failings, than it will be to put the criminals behind bars.  This psychological legal thriller will have you scratching your head and making you say, “Hmmm”.  The book is as engaging as Defending Jacob by William Landay.

HisLit title read-alikes:
You may be interested in some of these titles, if you liked Walker’s book:
The Reversal by Michael Connelly
Last Call  by James Grippando
Worthy Brown’s Daughter   by Phillip Margolin

HisLit author read-alikes:
There are other authors who write in the same tone and theme as Walker.  Here are a few examples of writers you may enjoy:
-Steve Martini
(He is known for his “legal procedurals,” dramas written in the police procedural tradition, in which courtroom scenes are often integral.  His stories have fast-paced and twist-filled plots.  He often ventures outside the courtroom to other arenas, typically exploring legal aspects as his characters evade danger, untangling the central mystery.  Start with: Compelling Evidence.)
-Richard North Patterson (He moves in and out of the courtroom with his mysteries, creating tales with well-realized characters that are compelling to readers.  His novels bring believable characters, plots, and circumstances together in an engaging way.  Start with: Private Screening.)
-Sheldon Siegel (His fast-paced mysteries and thrillers have creative and dramatic storylines, but they never stray outside of the realm of the plausible: Siegel is a practicing corporate lawyer.  His characters are flawed but likeable, and his suspenseful, story-driven novels keep readers turning the pages.  Start with: Special Circumstances.)

Legal fiction is usually wrought with the question of who is really innocent or not and when it comes to rape, sexual abuse or lethally overdosing someone, these are very touchy issues.  The plot and style of writing is what makes Walker’s book amusing.  When wealthy, well-known people try to “buy” their way out or change the laws, it makes for an even more fascinating read.


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