A Girl Walks Into a Bar: Your Fantasy, Your Rules

A Five Star Pick

A Girl Walks into a BarI always used to love reading those stories in the youth section of my library, which featured adventures where YOU would be the one to determine what happens next.  I hadn’t picked up a book like that since I was in Middle school and yet, here I am, a grown woman—having enjoyed an adult romantic version.  What?  A choose-your-own dating story, where the reader decides who she goes out with and how you want the night to end?  I know this sounds like a mock-up of your every day life, but honestly, it is all in good fun and totally SAFE!  Granted, you might meet characters whom you may not want to socialize with, even if they really existed but your experience needs to be somewhat similar to real life.  What is great with this book is that after you finish one version, you can change your situation simply by choosing different scenarios.   It is another entertaining way to escape from reality—whether or not you are already spoken for.  I only read through the book once and was fairly satisfied with my outcome.  I enjoyed my thrilling date (with a bit of sexy shenanigans) and didn’t regret my decisions.  It’s a great way to pass a few minutes, if you are feeling in the mood for new and unexpected adventures in dating or erotic romance.

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