Counter Attack

Movel of the Month

Counter AttackThere is nothing more engrossing than reading about an Australian spy who has come out of retirement to help with a mission in Singapore.  The stakes are high for Alan McQueen (Mac) and his team if they get caught.  Definitely action packed and movie material, this novel will keep you on your feet.  What’s better than covert operations and conspiracies in foreign countries?  Abernethy’s novel reads like all the great thriller books we have come to know and love, such as Ian Fleming, Lee Child, Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum.  Just like all these types of adventures, complications and disastrous situations ensue, causing danger to Mac’s reputation in Australia and paving the way to prison in Vietnam.  Mac’s character is likable and you will feel a part of the team after immersing yourself in the exciting plot.  Guaranteed suspense, along with targets and explosions, you’ll wish the ride never ended!

HisLit title read-alikes:
If you enjoyed this book by Abernethy, the following titles may also be interesting to you:
Carte Blanche by Jeffery Deaver
Hazardous Duty by W.E.B. Griffin
The Death Trade by Jack Higgins

HisLit author read-alikes:
If you like Abernethy’s style, there are similar authors who can be compared to him:
-Vince Flynn (International intrigue, political crises, complex missions full of fast-paced action — these are the things that he is known for.  Start with: The Transfer of Power.)
-Robert Ludlum (He began as a bestselling author of action-filled Spy Thrillers; in recent years he has expanded his Thrillers to cover political topics.  His storylines
feature conspiracies and corruption at the highest levels.  Violent action dominates Ludlum’s fast-paced novels featuring reluctant heroes caught in life-threatening situations.  This action is framed with details of spycraft and the exotic locales in which his stories are often set.  Start with: The Prometheus Deception.)
-Ted Bell (His adventure novels provide adult readers with fast-paced action and suspense.  Drawing on his experience in the US State Department, his stories are noted for blending fiction with historical events and real-world situations while his heroic protagonists face numerous obstacles with grit and creativity.  Start with: Hawke.)

With this whole roster of talented writers, there is no way you can run out of options for reading entertainment.  The best type of story has political, espionage and adventure combined together—which include the works from the authors mentioned above.


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