The Rosie Effect

A Five Star Pick

The Rosie EffectI have looked forward to this sequel ever since I heard that is was being written!  Don Tillman is back with his hilarious antics once again, but this time, in the Big Apple.  When Rosie announces that she is pregnant with his baby, he flips out the only way he knows how: cooking precise, healthy meals that every expectant mother should be eating and researching all there is to know about each trimester of the growing fetus.  The only problem with that is he is so absorbed in trying to be a perfect husband and father, that he falls short when Rosie really needs him.  He is also oblivious to the fact that Rosie is put off by being treated as if she is incapacitated by her condition.  She realizes that maybe Don is not fit to be a father because of how distant he seems about the whole affair—after all, he has not accompanied her to any ultrasound appointments.  The only thing Rosie wants is for their child to grow up normal and having Don as the father may quash that dream.  Meanwhile, she continues her stressful studies as her stomach gets rounder.  As Don tries to remedy their marital situation, he bites off more than he can chew when he also involves himself in his friends’ personal issues.  It is another crazy ride—which includes Don getting arrested and going to therapy, being part of research with lesbian mothers and helping a cow deliver its calf!  See if Don can get himself out of all the complications that arise.  Forget the movie—I can see this going on TV as a comedy series.

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