No Cheating, No Dying: I Had a Good Marriage, Then I Tried to Make it Better

A Five Star Pick

No Cheating, No DyingIf you are married or in a serious relationship, this book is a fresh look at how to observe the union with your partner.   You may even find yourself disecting it.  Basically, the author felt she had a pretty good marriage until she thought that it could be better.  From the beginning, the pact between Weil and her husband was to respect two rules: don’t cheat and don’t die.  The second promise was a little harder to control but they thought that as long as those two things were followed, their marriage should stay strong.  She realized that there was much more to love than that.  She also eventually noticed that a relationship is never perfect and that it is unnatural to think so—-even though society believes this to be the key ingredient for ultimate happiness.  It has been said before and you might be skeptical about it but lasting relationships are based on change, growth and mutual respect.  Weil’s book brings this point home.  She writes how when she tried to ameliorate certain things in her marriage it only caused more tension and arguments, defeating the original purpose.  They did go to therapy as a couple, which actually helped in improving their relationship but there were other stuff they ventured to do that they never would have imagined trying.  In the end, she proves how what one couple may find wonderful could be another couple’s demise.  Each relationship needs to find what is “perfect” for them and there is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling comfortable or even wanting to spice things up ocassionally.  Whatever is decided, there should be compromise and understanding.  It is a small book which is worth the time to read.

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