Sleeping Beauty

Book vs. Movie

Sleeping Beauty    Maleficent

Put away any old traditional tales you have heard time and again, with regards to Sleeping Beauty, when you were growing up.  The modern re-make (starring Angelina Jolie) will put all those legends to rest.  Maleficent is certainly based on the classic story, and therefore contains all the important elements—a king and queen are visited by a witch, who curses their baby girl to be pricked by a spinning needle when she turns sixteen, rendering her into an eternal sleep.  The three fairy godmothers are also very much present in the film.  So is the quest to find a prince who can break the spell.  Where the book and movie deviate from each other, however, is the whole truth behind it all.  In the fairytale, it is never explained to us why the witch comes to curse the child (and also the kingdom).  In the DVD, Maleficent’s side is presented to us right from the beginning, allowing the audience to understand her evil actions.  Think about Wicked for the Wizard of Oz.  Once you witness what Maleficent goes through, her retaliation is understandable.  Also, the ending of the film is nothing like the folklore.  I don’t want to give anything away here, but think Frozen.  Indeed, the DVD was such an entertaining experience and a wonderful message—it should take over the original tale!  Watch the big screen rendition if you haven’t already.  It really is worth it.

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