The Sound of Butterflies & The Sasquatch Hunter’s Almanac

Book Pairing

The Sound of Butterflies    The Sasquatch Hunter's Almanac

When I first heard about these two books, I wanted to read them eagerly.  The topics grabbed my attention: butterflies and Sasquatch.  The first novel was quite interesting because of the setting (it is historical and takes place in the jungles of the Amazon).  The main character is a British amateur naturalist traveling with a group of other scientists to find new species.  His particular interest and obsession is finding the legendary blue butterfly, which has never been seen.  Their adventure, however, becomes entangled with some dark business and though he is newly married, his loyalty is tempted.  The experience he lives through during the expedition is recorded in his travel diary and it is through reading his entries that his wife finds out what happened to the group.  The consequences of his actions there, changes their lives forever when he returns to England.  The second title is about a man who becomes obessed with Sasquatch because he witnessed his own mother run off with the beast when he was a boy.  He devotes his life to being a scientist who wants to prove that Sasquatch exists—in the name of science and to show that he is not dillusional.  Unfortunately, his life’s work fractures the relationship he has with his first wife and daughter, creating misery for the new family he establishes.  This was a book with dramatic tones, even though there is also some black magic and funnier moments with the Sasquatch.  It was not exactly what I had expected.  The two stories do link together quite nicely, since they are both about people who absolutely need to persue their passions (creatures of nature)—no matter how much havoc it wreaks.

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