The Mathematician’s Shiva & The Mystics of Mile End

Book Pairing

Mathematician's Shiva   Mystics of Mile End

Though these books carry similar threads in terms of only some topics, they still seem to be a good match.  If we wanted to be even more observant, the covers can be compared too.  Notice the tricolor distribution for both.  The first has black, white and grey, where the second has bright pink, yellow and black.  People are featured on both and there is a presence of bare trees (or cracks in the wall of the building for the second one).  The stories share the theme of loss and the mystery of numbers.  In The Mathematician’s Shiva, a son must deal with the death of his mother—who was a well known mathematician—and also cope with the visitors he receives at her Shiva.  In The Mystics of Mile End, again there is death to cope with but it also involves trying to find the height of spirituality and understanding the meaning of infinity with numbers.  Both are very similar in tone, as they reveal cute, funny or sad moments.  They explore estranged relationships between Jewish family members.  Where one novel takes place in America, the latter is set here in Montreal.  Each book is worth the read, as they are written well and you want to know what happens.  Interesting, to say the least.

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