Sexual Intelligence: What We Really Want From Sex and How to Get It

A Five Star Pick

Sexual IntelligenceThis is not your typical sex book, believe me.  Also, forget about what society is telling you when they try to “help” you with your “dysfunctions” as you get older.  It’s not you, it’s society and media.  Isn’t that always the culprit?  This book is already three years old, yet will never become irrelevant.  It will always be useful because it focuses not on your physical capabilities but your psychological ones.  It molds to you and your situation.  I’ve never seen someone take sex and spin a new light on the whole subject matter.  If you can change your approach on how you view your sexual relationship with your partner, then you will be able to obtain satisfaction—no matter what predicament or how old you get.  Sounds hopeful but a little depressing at the same time.  Klein highlights the fact that there is no such thing as “normal”.  He writes that what you wanted and received at twenty will never continue until eternity.  Things change and you have to accept it.  If you are open-minded and positive, this will certainly work in your favor.  If you wish that you will always have the same sex drive of a sixteen year old and forever look like God’s gift to the world, you will be sorely disappointed.  There are so many great tips and examples of how you can enjoy intimate moments till your last days on earth.  It challenges you to dissect your own thoughts about what you expect for the future.  All you need is sexual intelligence.  There is hope!


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