Everlasting Lane & The Wonder of All Things

Book Pairing

Everlasting Lane    The Wonder of All Things

These books are certainly not twins but when you read them, you do get the sense of similar tone.  The thread which joins these novels together are child friendships and the theme of innocence, coupled with the power of belief.  When I say belief, it doesn’t necessarily mean in a religion.  In both there is an examination about what one believes to be real and also how that belief can make one stronger in making decisions.  In the first novel, Peter is ten years old and  has moved to a remote village with his mom, after the death of his father.  He tries to fit in with the rest of the kids at school but only ends up with two other misfits as his companions.  In trying to find himself, he also must reveal a secret his mother has been hiding.  The second story focuses on thirteen year-old Ava’s miraculous ability to heal injured or sick people.  Her power is considered a blessing and a curse, as it quickly becomes apparent that every time she helps someone, she starts slowly fading away herself.  In fact, the first person she saves (from a fatal wound) is her best friend, Wash.  Ava must struggle to stay healthy and sane, as she is isolated from others in the town because of her gift—almost becoming a misfit herself.  In each tale there is equally a melancholy, yet hopeful feeling.  Both books get you asking questions about a higher state and also bring back memories of childhood.


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