How to be a Superhero

Mook of the Month

How to be a superheroBefore you get any ideas, this book is not a guide on how to win the lady of your dreams or make the woman you have be more smitten with you.  It is, however, something you will be entertained with if you are into comic books or superhero shows and movies.  If Comic-con gets you excited or you remember growing up watching Batman on TV, this is a welcome read.  Edlitz interviews quite a few stars who have donned the cape or costume, for the sake of die-hard fans of superhero legends.  Some meetings are more lengthy but all provide interesting responses, including what the actors believe in portraying these characters and who they think would win a fight.  Some of the actors’ outlooks are quite philosophical and others have total fun with the questioning.  Also, Edlitz covers characters who may not necessarily posses special powers but have a huge following nonetheless (such as James Bond or Spock), so no one seems to be exempt from this!  At the end of the book there are some comments from creators or stars who have something to say about the love of and fascination with this huge phenomenon.  If you can ignore some of the typos that were found throughout the book then you can take it for what it is: a good ride with fond memories and an insider’s look at what really goes on behind the scenes.

HisLit title read-alikes:
If you liked this book, here are some you may find just as fun:
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Deep down, everyone thinks about being a superhero or at least dressing up as one!  This book will support your thoughts on why you like them, while perhaps learning a bit about your favorite one.


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