Gone Girl

Book vs. Movie

Gone Girl (book)   Gone Girl (movie)

Ok, I watched the movie first and I was like, “What????”   I already knew the main twist to the story, so that wasn’t the surprise.  Actually, I thought the spoiler aspect would be at the very end—but it’s not.  Then, I decided I better read the novel to see if it would give me any more insight on the characters.  It does but it certainly doesn’t make it any less mind blowing.  I liked the book better only because there is more explanation to key things and some stuff are not mentioned in the film or happen differently (like usual).  Both were thrilling, however.  There are so many topics to chew on, including human faults, upbringing and gender roles, mental illness and the whole question of marriage: the expectations, what is it worth, is it about love or trapping?  Definitely a perfect book club pick, which will leave your head spinning about what is right or wrong.  One thing for sure in this case—you should not commit yourself to only one version of the story.  The DVD is done quite well but leaves you kind of confused.  This is one instance where reading the novel may have prepared me better for what happens on screen.  Plus, there is just a lot of stuff examined in the novel that you get a better idea of why things happen the way they do but it also forces you to thoroughly observe the complexities of the human condition.  Ultimately, the endings are the same and it kind of creeps me out!  A very different tale indeed.  How do you think the movie compares to the book?

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