Fifty Shades of Grey

Book vs. Movie

Fifty Shades of Grey (book)     Fifty Shades of Grey (movie)

It took me a long time to finally see the movie after reading the book but it was even longer to finish the trilogy.  I have heard many negative comments about the film: how bad it was and the poor ratings it received.  Some people even said that the acting was terrible.  I honestly watched it just because I suffered through the novels and needed to see what would be included or left out in the DVD.  If we are discussing how well of a rendition the screen version was compared to the book—I am surprised to say that it was pretty spot on to the original story.  Was it pathetic?  Of course! But if you had actually read the novel, it was just as corny.  Before I saw the movie, I thought the actors portraying Ana and Christian were the wrong choices.  As soon as I watched it, though, Dakota Johnson was actually the perfect Ana.  Funny enough, I still didn’t approve of Jamie Dornan.  Yah, he is cute but I wouldn’t call him hot.  Actually, maybe it was how he was groomed for the film that didn’t appeal to me.  I went to his profile on IMDB and found he was much cuter with a different hairstyle and a little more scruff.  My opinion on the acting, however, I couldn’t complain.  I mean, this is how the characters ARE in the book!  I would rather submit (no pun intended) to two hours of crappy story-line in front of a TV than put myself through the horrible writing and read the thoughts of Ana’s “inner goddess”!  Thank God I didn’t have to listen to her immature thoughts going on in her head …  All I can say is that if you did not read the novel your view of the screen version will be skewed.  I rarely talk about things that I don’t like but this story was such a huge phenomenon, I had to see why.  I still don’t get it nor agree with it.  Let’s just say control freaks are not my thing—no matter how cute he is.  What did you think?

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