Whispering Shadows


whispering shadowsThis book takes place in the vividly described setting of Hong Kong.  If you have never traveled there, the author does a good job making you feel as though you have visited it.  In addition to the various detailed locations mentioned in and around the city, the plot pulls you in quickly.  Retired expatriate journalist, Paul Leibovitz, is still grieving for his son’s passing and trying to seclude himself from the world after being divorced.  When an American woman approaches him to find out what happened to her adult missing son, he is reluctant to help.  As he hears more of the intriguing story (she is visiting with her husband, who owns a company in the city—which their son was a part of but who, one day, failed to meet up with her husband’s business partner), he realizes that foul play may have been a factor and fears the worst.  Red flags seem to go up everywhere and the father himself acts suspicious.  Leibovitz must tread lightly because his own life is threatened, as his every move is being carefully watched.  He discovers that shady politics and bribery surround the city, while citizens look away for their own good.  He contacts a long-time friend, who is a homicide detective and despite all odds (even from the hometown police force), the two manage to solve the case.

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Sendker’s novel is fast-paced and shows the dirty side of money hungry companies, that will stop at nothing to obtain what they want.  There is even a love interest for Leibovitz, giving him a reason to pursue the good fight.  This is apparently the first story in a trilogy, where the second has yet to be translated from German and the third is currently being written.


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