Don Quixote

A Five Star Pick

Don QuixoteI’m going way back for this one.  Yes, it is a classic but I just read it this year.  It took me a few months to finish it too.  Not because it was boring or I couldn’t understand it—although good translation is key to old texts, such as this.  It does, however, have over a thousand pages.  When I had borrowed the book, I was also reading other novels, so that is why it took longer than I imagined.  I never studied it in school and the reason I decided to embark on reading it now was because I was due to see a ballet production of Don Quixote in May.  I figured if I was going to see a rendition on stage, I better get somewhat acquainted with the real story.  In truth, I didn’t even get to the end of the first volume when I saw the ballet and what I did read was enough for the ballet’s purpose—as there really wasn’t much in common except for two scenes.  I don’t regret reading it, though.  It was quite something!  I never would have thought it to be as funny as it was.  Don Quixote and his trusty companion, Sancho Panza get involved in all types of mischief, while meeting others on the road and occasionally getting beaten up from their own stupidity.  It truly is about two fools who go around believing that they are a knight and squire, respectively.   Their expressions are hilarious but you also find yourself totally loving these guys.  I was sad to find out how it ended.  If you have the time to immerse yourself in it and the patience to understand old English (not as old as Beowulf, though), then you are in for an entertaining ride!

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