The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend & The Bookshop on the Corner

Book Pairing

readers-of-broken-wheel   bookshop-on-the-corner

There are no two better novels to pair up together than these.  Written just a year apart, it seems there is no shortage of this type of theme occurring often and lately.  That is, the theme of books and how they build and support communities—welcoming even newcomers into the fold.  In both stories, the main character is a woman trying to start over, with the focus of selling books to people who are hungry to read and want to escape reality.  In the first one, Sara from Sweden, is visiting a small town in Iowa to meet her pen pal Amy.  When she arrives, the news of Amy’s death comes as a shock.  To keep Amy’s memory alive and the town interested in books again, Sara opens a bookstore and also finds love.  The second tale features Nina, a librarian working in England, who loses her job due to budget cuts.  To continue what she has always loved doing, she decides to take a leap of faith and buys a van to furnish as a bookmobile.  She starts her business on wheels in dreamy Scotland and helps the community of a village to find the right type of book.  Nina even happens to match herself with the perfect man, even though she doesn’t see it at first.  Each novel has its group of characters that act like a tight knit family, helping the heroine realize her dreams and acknowledging how books are an integral part of it.  Both stories are fun and light—perfect for being curled by the fireside or on the beach.



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