Before Green Gables

A Five Star Pick

As a hard core fan of the Anne of Green Gables series (which I only read when I took a Children’s Literature course in college), I was ecstatic when I knew this novel was in the making.  I always wanted to know Anne’s background and how she came to be an orphan.  It is written in the spirit of L.M. Montgomery’s style—tons of emotion, drama and fun.  Many critics would disagree with the creation of this novel but I think it was a good idea.  After all, anything that has to do with Anne is appealing to me and when I had finished the series, I was so sad that it had ended.  Budge Wilson didn’t overstep Montgomery, even though readers would argue that if Montgomery wanted to write about Anne’s past, she would have!  I will only say that if you want more Anne-like adventures, it is a satisfying read.  Good on its own but not vital to the original series (obviously).  So, if you decide to skip it, you will be missing out on the possible beginnings of our favorite red headed heroine.  Wilson is no Montgomery but she is a close second.  Her birth and early childhood took place during the time that Montgomery’s novels were being published.  If anyone were chosen to write a prequel, Wilson was deserving of it (and an East coast Canadian at that!).

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2 Responses to Before Green Gables

  1. This sounds fascinating!! 🙂 Thanks for the review!

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