A Street Cat Named Bob

A Five Star Pick

There are so many pet stories that can bring smiles and tears to your face, with some that are also meant to inspire.  Bob the cat certainly brought hope to an addict at a time when it was much needed but unexpected.  It was the late 90’s when James Bowen was down on his luck and addicted to drugs in London.  He hardly ever had two pennies to rub together.  Life on the street was tough but it was on the streets where eventually Bob, the friendly ginger cat, had come in from.  In 2007, just like Bowen, Bob had no real place to call home.  Bowen was living in a housing program when the two met.  Bowen went busking on the streets, where the cat followed and he was soon making additional money by having Bob drum up business.  The pair was attracting attention.  A wonderful friendship bloomed.  Bowen was able to get a job with The Big Issue, in addition to collecting money from his street performances.  In essence, the cat allowed Bowen to find an apartment for himself to live in and become clean from his addiction.  Bob accepted his role in Bowen’s life and together, they have claimed fame.  The book came out in 2014 and there are other books that feature Bob but this one is what started the whole phenomena.  A movie was made and Bob can even be followed on Facebook or Twitter.  The story is a testament to how humans and animals can save each other’s lives through the special gift of companionship.


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2 Responses to A Street Cat Named Bob

  1. Marc-André says:

    Love street cat bob 🙂

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