Book vs. Movie


I read the book and loved it.  Even though it is a young adult novel, it speaks to a wide audience.  It was such a special story that I was very excited when I found out the movie was being made.  I was so curious to see how the novel would be portrayed.  Would it follow the same sequence of events?  Would it look at the situation through different characters’ eyes?  Yes and yes.  The movie did a great job going through almost the whole tale without a hitch but admittedly, some characters did not have their point of view expressed, as in the book.  There are very slight discrepancies between the two but overall, I was very satisfied and cried just as much watching it as I did reading it!  The actors were chosen wisely; they all fit their parts.  One nice touch that the movie delivered was short cameo appearances by Star Wars personalities, which made Auggie’s imagination vivid as he shared it with us.  If everyone could learn about this fictional story (that was inspired by a real condition), people would be more sympathetic to those who may not always look like others.  The message that you take away from either the book or film is the same: when you have to choose between right and kind, always choose kind.  My suggestion is to read AND watch this story—it is so “feel good” that you would want to experience it more than once.  Definitely an important lesson in this day and age!


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