Still Me

A Five Star Pick

I knew (and hoped) that there would be a sequel to Me Before You but had no idea there would be a third installment!  Louisa is back and ready more than ever to try a new chapter in her life, when she accepts a job in New York City.  True, she is leaving her family and new boyfriend behind but it is only temporary.  She discovers a whole other experience in this exciting new place, yet it is not without its own difficulties and mystery.  Exactly why she has been hired to be an assistant to a wealthy man’s lonesome wife becomes clearer, as the novel goes on.  Louisa does become homesick, however, and finds it increasingly difficult to cope with the absence of Sam—especially when she meets Will’s American doppelganger!  Doubt about her long distance relationship begins to creep in when she thinks Sam is having an affair.  Can she change her whole life and forget what brought her to NYC in the first place?  I enjoyed this novel as much as the first one.  The recipe was perfect and the ending just melts your heart.  Get ready to (once again) cheer on one of London’s favorite protagonists in contemporary British literature.  You won’t be disappointed.



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